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Upon receipt of the order, the writer begins the research process. He or she scrutinizes across varied databases for books, journals and scholarly work in relation to your subject. This helps the writer to refine their research question and make sure they have it right from the get go. The writer scours for relevant sources to use on his or her research. The writer proceeds to develop a draft plan/outline for use in writing teh whole paper. The writer develops a critically analysed research paper and forwads it to the editing team for proofreading. The writer concludes the paper through proper citation and formatting  

Research Topic

Finding the best research topic on the topic and sources for your paper


Drafting & Editing

Developing a draft from the research argument and theoretical perspective


Our writers and editing team proofreads to make sure your paper has no grammar or plagiarism.



Our writers provides a proper citation of sources used for the paper as provided in the instructions

    Our Essay Formatting

         APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian citation styles or any other of your choice

  • 12-point Times New Roman   
  • single spaced (550 words/page)   
  • double spaced (275 words/page)     
  • 0’’  between paragraphs  
  • 1’’ margin all around   
  • 0.5’’ first line of paragraph

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